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Deerpark, NY


Borsos Anna Ruzsan was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1962, she moved to the United States in 1990.
Currently lives and works in Sparrow Bush, New York.
She received a Bachelorís Degree in the Liberal Arts.
During her college years she studied music, photography and painting.
She has been seen in numerous exhibitions in the Tri-State area and the North East.
She paints in watercolor, acrylic and oil, has a diverse portfolio, and offers to produce work of art on commission.

Artist's Statement:
I have realized pretty early itís impossible to change the World with my art.
Instead Iíve decided to save the fragments of nature, my dreams, memories and peopleís daily lives around me.
I use a variety of mediums and my work is diverse, I donít set out to produce art about one subject, itís an inventory and reflection of my life experience, how I see and feel.
Creating and painting is a lonely process, but I love how it frees my imagination and provides time to relive the past and plan the future.
Each piece has a story why it was created, but I believe it can speak for itself and it has a message to the public and to you, without commentaries. I give you the freedom to explore each of them on your own.
Ö and there is the question people always ask: Whatís with the cars? It was not intentional it all developed over time.
I have a daytime job. I am a part owner of Classic Goggles Inc., we are selling accessories to people who ride motorcycles, vintage airplanes and automobiles. Working during Vintage Car Races provides plenty of inspiration.
My goal is to find a good perspective to fit all or part of their design elements, shapes, into a great composition.

Most of the ideas for my paintings come to me at night. Yes, my sleepless hours are very good to me. Iíve learned to use that time to create and put some ideas together, thus my collection of work titled: ďDream SeriesĒ

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Trail Art - Fish Bowl by Anna Ruzsan


Wheels Through Time by Anna Ruzsan


Field of Corn by Anna Ruzsan


Grey Ford Tractor Logo by Anna Ruzsan


Ford Tractor by Anna Ruzsan


Lightwriting Tappan Zee Bridge by Anna Ruzsan


Lightwriting Brooklyn Bridge by Anna Ruzsan


Lightwriting New York City by Anna Ruzsan


Rhododendron in Fall by Anna Ruzsan


African Violet by Anna Ruzsan


The Beauty in the Woods by Anna Ruzsan


Being Red by Anna Ruzsan


Black Hills Landscape by Anna Ruzsan


High Point Grass on Chestnut Leaf by Anna Ruzsan


Bench by Anna Ruzsan


Sturgis City of Riders by Anna Ruzsan


Snack Dragon in New York City by Anna Ruzsan


Organic Market by Anna Ruzsan


Organic Colorful Peppers by Anna Ruzsan


Colors of Cooking by Anna Ruzsan


Stressed Spelled Backward is Desserts by Anna Ruzsan


Contest 45 Candles Birthday 12 24 2010 by Anna Ruzsan


1960 Maserati T 61 Birdcage SSM by Anna Ruzsan


OCC FDNY Motorcycle by Anna Ruzsan


Lady In Hat by Anna Ruzsan


Food Selection in Sturgis by Anna Ruzsan


Airplane Greeting Card by Anna Ruzsan


Room with a view by Anna Ruzsan


Morris Cowley by Anna Ruzsan


Number 3 Car Wrangler by Anna Ruzsan


1960 Maserati T 61 Birdcage by Anna Ruzsan


1964 Cobra by Anna Ruzsan


1941 Chrysler Indianapolis 500 Pace Car by Anna Ruzsan


Happy Pumpkin by Anna Ruzsan


Winter in Sparrow Bush NY by Anna Ruzsan


Winter Fog in Sparrow Bush NY by Anna Ruzsan


Love by Anna Ruzsan


Love and Kiss by Anna Ruzsan


Old Hippie in Woodstock NY by Anna Ruzsan


Jesus Christ Graffiti on Colorful Brick Wall by Anna Ruzsan


Get Yo' Fix Graffiti New York City by Anna Ruzsan


Graffiti in New York City Che Guevara Mussolini by Anna Ruzsan


Quote about Les Paul at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City by Anna Ruzsan


Reflection of Otis Taylor in the Les Paul sign at the Iridium by Anna Ruzsan


Bark at me by Anna Ruzsan


Shadow of Art - Art of Shadow by Anna Ruzsan


House of Terror by Anna Ruzsan


Black and White Dragonfly by Anna Ruzsan